What flowers say ‘get well’ best?

What flowers say ‘get well’ best?

When a family member, colleague or friend falls sick, often the first thing we think of as a pick-me-up is flowers. But half the challenge comes down to knowing how to take your pick from the huge array of options available. And then there's colours, vases, paper and cards to think about – where is the best place to begin your search?

In this post, we’re putting forward our top tips for choosing the best flower as a get well present.

But first, a note

Remember that the ultimate reason you’re doing this is to give meaning and support. Flowers, when selected appropriately, can convey words and thoughts that aren’t always easy to express  – so when in doubt, remember that the key to choosing the best option is to think of how it will make your receiver feel. You’re there to support them, and your blooms should reflect just how you’re thinking about them during this time.

The top types of flowers for a get well gift


Nothing quite says bright and cheery like the reliable daisy. Often the first choice, they’re ideal for adding more texture to an arrangement, or even as a standalone. Available in white and an assortment of other colours (like the gerbera daisy), these blooms are bold, stunning and often last longer than other options.


Less common but extremely appropriate here, hydrangeas are a delicate bloom that is often associated with feelings of perseverance. We love these as a fresh-cut option that can also be potted so that they last even longer. Their tones of lavender, blue and green hues can’t be beaten.


Usually a spring-time bloom, the peony is perfect for all hospital bedside tables or even on the mantelpiece at home. As they are quite common, they’re easy to get and are a symbol of healing.


As the symbol of loving thoughts and prayers, these vibrant flowers add colour right when it’s needed most. Their bold tones and variety of colours make them a popular pick, but you’ll typically find them in potted gifts, rather than in an arrangement.


With a sweet scent and an oriental appeal, lilies are an eye-catching way to say ‘get back on your feet soon’. They look incredible in arrangements or as a one-off, but our pro tip here is to avoid cluttering with other blooms around them, in order to get that perfect finish. 


If you’re looking for a unisex option, sunflowers are your safest bet. They scream positivity and give gorgeous tones of yellow and arrange, all the while translating your support. They’re easy to care for and can be used in arrangements or on their own.


As one of our favourites, orchids are an elegant flower that are long lasting or have longevity so you know that they'll be around for more than a few days. Featuring a long list of colours to choose from, you'll also be spoiled for choice. The hardest part will be taking your pick of all the tones available.

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