The Best Flowers for Specific Occasions

The Best Flowers for Specific Occasions

Every occasion has the perfect flower. A flower’s hue symbolises a special meaning, such as varying rose shades. This makes particular flowers better for certain occasions than others. Let’s have a look at some perfect occasional floral concoctions. 

First Dates

First date flowers should never overwhelm the recipient. Asiatic lilies, Orchids and tulips should not intimidate your budding romance. If you’ve been going steady for a while, stick to the classic, traditional rose. 

Valentine’s Day

The same goes for Valentine’s Day where the rose never fails. You can choose different shades to signify different meanings: red for love; pink for elegance and yellow for joy and affection. However, do not solely go with yellow alone, as this signifies friendship (who wants a friend-zoning rose?). You can request to mix the red and yellow roses together. Ofcourse, you can’t go past long stemmed red roses, always a favourite!


Seasonal flowers work best to match the anniversary’s date. For spring, go with delicate, pale flowers, such as the cherry blossom, freesias or peony. Summer flowers simply have to be bright and vibrant – think gold, yellow or pinks roses, or a floral bouquet. But avoid yellow carnations, as these beautiful flowers represent disappointment, a bad anniversary omen by any stretch. 


Asiatic lilies are a symbol of the soul leaving the body, and are typically found at funerals. Blooming chrysanthemums are usually reserved for funerals in Europe, as well as being a token of comfort and bereavement in Japan.  


Typically sent to grieving families, white and green flowers, are recommended, including dendrobium orchids and lilies. Blues and purples can also symbolise hope and rebirth. If made into a bouquet, these are typically smaller than those offered at funerals.


Putting the sad ones behind us, you want to provide the birthday boy or girl with their favourite flower (if known, of course!). However, there are a variety of flowers that correspond to each month. Find out which flower corresponds to the recipients birth month and you’re set. Why not arrange a seasonal mix with their favourite colour. 

Mother’s Day

Pinks and reds symbolise love and admiration, making them the perfect touch. You can’t really mess this one up: roses (especially pink), carnations and gerbera daisies can combine with lilies or yellow tulips, and do so to represent affection. You cant go past the “flower for mums”, the Chrysanthemums. They make a bright, vibrant bouquet for any loving mum.

Thank You

If you are looking for an elegant way to thank your friend or colleague, choosing their favourite flower is the way to go. If you don’t know their favourite, simply go with a pale-hued flower. Pinks, whites and yellows are the way to show your appreciation. Carnations, daisies and lilies are the best choices for these occasions.

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