Summer Blossoms: Choose From the Best Six Blossoms

Summer Blossoms: Choose From the Best Six Blossoms

The word summer elicits a vision of bright sunflower fields, refreshing pool parties, delightful ice lollies, and so much more. The original season of floral apparel brings with it a myriad of wondrous flowers, ranging from magnificent orange and yellow marigolds and butterfly-shaped garden pansies to the vibrant Iceland Poppies.

Those born in Summer are quite lucky; with numerous gorgeous blooms in season, their birthday bouquets are stunningly radiant.

For instance, with hues of yellow and brown, and sometimes defined by maroon outlines, the marigold is a stunning classic that complements many flowers. Garden pansies come in vivid shades of pink, purple, and yellow. The delightful flowers can also intrigue you with their bi-colored beauty.

And the bright-colored Iceland Poppies are the perfect choice to add a tinge of frolic to your floral decorations. These upturned umbrella-like tiny flowers generally come in warm hues of white, butter yellow, or deep orange.

While these blooms can be quite charming, closer to home, there are some Australian seasonal natives that are irresistible, and will surely fuel your summer spirit.

1) Celosia

Ornamental plants of the amaranth family, Celosia is also known as the Cock's comb. The edible flower gets its elegant name from an ancient Greek word which means "burning", an ode to its flame-like shape.

These blossoms come in varying hues of red, orange, and occasionally, pink. These graceful flowers can effortlessly harmonize within any floral arrangement, a charming bouquet, or an eye-catching centerpiece.

2) Cornflower

The cornflower, scientifically known as Centaurea cyanus, has a rather unique structure. Also called bachelor's button, or basket flower, these blooms feature intricate petals, making them a delicate, interesting addition to your floral display.

Generally, a rarity in nature’ colors, cornflowers in hues of blue are most abundant. Shades of white, red, pink, and purple cornflowers are also available.

3) Dahlias

One of nature’s many elaborate flowers, Dahlia is a sight for sore eyes. You might even say that one could lose themselves while gazing upon its uniform, beautiful petals.

Available in almost every color possible, Dahlias come in a range of pink, red, orange, and yellow shades. These flowers can be pretty as a single flower, resembling an orchid, or a lovely double flowering bloom with pompoms.

4) Peonies

A wedding favorite, its profound meaning i.e. it is an ancient symbol of compassion, love, prosperity, adds to its beguiling beauty. They bloom for a brief time period of two months and have a sweet, intoxicating scent. These exquisite flowers are celebrated around the world.

Herbaceous peonies or garden peonies come in a range of white, pink, and red. On the other hand, tree peonies and hybrid Itoh peonies offer an extensive color palette with shades of coral, deep purple, mahogany, and bright yellow.

5) Protea

These attractive flowers, originating from South Africa, are a common favorite in Western Australia. Protea takes its name from Proteus, son of Poseidon, the Greek God of the Sea.

With 1500 species, the flowers come in all shapes and sizes. Also known as sugarbushes, they are known for their excessively sweet nectar. Popular protea include pincushion, and blushing bride, which is a sought-after wedding flower.

6) Water Lilies

These majestic flowers are the jewels of the aquatic world. These extraordinary beauties have multiple meanings and are symbolic of purity, unity, and the profound cycle of life, making them coveted across the globe.

With heart-shaped leaves, these blooms come in hues of yellow, white, lavender, and pink. A sacred symbol in various religions, these flowers are often believed to have a magical essence, adding to its mysticism.

Order Beautiful Blooms

Flowers are more intricately woven into our lives than we can imagine. Countless poets would lose their muse if it were not for these symbols of beauty and innocence.

Receiving beautiful bouquets or stepping into a room full of extraordinary blooms from your loved ones as a birthday surprise would make anyone feel adored. Gift your loved ones a special bouquet on significant days, and remind them that for you, they are as precious as peonies, and as majestic as water lilies.

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