Festive Christmas Blooms: Our Top 6 Picks

The most magical time of the year calls for wondrous flowers in classic hues of red and green with white surprises. To honor the spirit of Christmas, you surely decorate your homes with a myriad of festive embellishments.

This Christmas, celebrate with an assortment of magnificent blooms, use them as decorations or gift them to your loved ones to share the joy. Fully embrace the holiday spirit with classics like poinsettias, and timeless beauties like red or white roses.

1) Poinsettias

Probably the most recognizable Christmas flowers, poinsettias are as iconic as Christmas movies. Often used as a statement floral piece, its crimson leaves, strongly resembling flower petals, are stunning. The ancient Aztecs believed that poinsettias symbolize purity.

The quintessential Christmas blossoms don't just look amazing in a vase or a pot, but also elevate joyous garlands. You can opt for traditional red or the less-popular white poinsettias. Better yet, forgo the difficult choice completely, and order a combination of these festive florals.

2) Amaryllis

Another holiday favorite, amaryllis is tall and graceful with dramatic trumpet-shaped flowers that are perfect for this jolly season. With Amaryllis belladonna or Jersey lily being the most popular species, these flowers originate in South Africa.

With a sweet, delicate fragrance, the flowers come in red, pink, orange, and cream colors. The bold blooms will add vibrancy to your table centerpiece or look beautiful by the fireplace.

3) Christmas Lily

As radiant as fresh snow, Christmas lilies or Lilium longiflorum embody the spirit of Christmas. With a lovely scent, these flowers bloom just in time for the merry festivities.

While the most popular color is white, these flowers come in glorious hues of pink, cream, and pastel yellow.  The blooms look positively dazzling, but they shine even brighter when combined with other complementary flowers, like carnations and chrysanthemums.

4) White and Red Roses

While roses may not be a traditional Christmas flower, they fit the holiday season exceptionally well. White roses are a powerful symbol of purity and peace. These elegant flowers add a gentle touch to any bouquet or floral arrangement.

The festive-colored red roses are generally associated with love. However, some believe that they signify the blood of Christ in the Christmas season. Religious symbolism aside, red roses are simply sensational and ravishing.

A combination of the two popular roses never fails to create a vivid, eloquent vision.

5) Holly

With leathery leaves and white four-petaled flowers, Holly or Ilex opaca is a famous Christmas bloom. Its association with Christmas goes back centuries, if not millennia. It is a popular addition to floral arrangements during the holiday season.

In addition to its obvious beauty, for Christians, there's a wealth of symbolism in the plant. The sharp leaves resemble Jesus' crown of thorns; the red berries represent the blood shed for salvation; the flame-like shape of the leaves can symbolize God's eternal love.

6) Ivy

The enchanting ivy symbolizes eternity and resurrection. It gains this symbolism from its association with Egyptian God Osiris as well as Roman God Atthis.

When combined with Holly, is linked to the ideology of the male i.e. holly, and female i.e. ivy, being burnt together at Beltane, a pagan festival.

Ivy possesses a mysterious beauty, courtesy of its association with various folklore. With an umbrella-like shape, the bloom comes in soft hues of pink, lilac, white, and red.

Christmas Blooms - Just an Order Away!

As a time for miracles, Christmas elicits strong emotions of joy, renewal, light, and love. Often an integral part of any winter wonderland fantasy, the mystical festival brings with it remarkable flowers. Order flowers for your loved ones, and adorn your home with breathtaking florals.


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